• Name: Ratur
  • Crew: MV3
  • City-country: Le Havre, Francia
  • Active since: 2001
  • Personal motivation-message: My figurative work examines the relationship between graffiti and old masters. My European influences revolve around classic painting, graphic design and graffiti. And the characters, who always seem to want to remain anonymous, are depicted in a very contemporary way. Despite the realistic approach, I do not seek to reproduce reality and play with different graphic treatments on successive planes and the depth of field. The hand, omnipresent in my work, often provides context and tells us more about the character’s intentions.
    To create my murals, I am clearly inspired by the context in which they find themselves. I often draw his creations from the histories of the different places, whether past or present. I can also be influenced by the surrounding architecture, colors and textures to blend the painting into the scenery.As a gift to the community,I likes from my work to be appropriate by the residents of the neighborhood. « It is for them, not for me… »

All walls are done by Ratur & Oscar Maslard.

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