• Name: Super A.
  • Crew: Goes
  • City-country: The Netherlands
  • Active since: Started painting graffiti in 1994. Started creating art in 2000.
  • Personal motivation-message:  Super A. never falls short of baffling the spectator with the highly metaphoric scenarios, rendered in a supreme (hyper)realistic style. I blend urban methods, graphic design and traditional painting techniques, to give life to work that evolves out of my personal experiences and thoughts. My pictorial stories seem to exist in a balance between fiction and non-fiction as topics are a result of my amazement with rarities in our world. Often my works resemble a Pandora’s box, giving rise to an endlessly detailed flood of visual references. While most of my paintings are of a dreamy-surreal atmosphere, they may also communicate a subtle, but nevertheless harsh critique of world politics. 

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