Galeria Koloru has begun to publish interesting interviews in video format on its YouTube channel. Polish writers explain their way of understanding graffiti and anecdotes, and all the stories comes accompanied with images from actions.

“Basically it’s all about the mission painting is just the icing on the cake.”


We have mentioned the Galeria Koloru on more than one occasion before. And apart from being the main point of sales for Montana Colors, their work of spreading Polish underground graffiti is really praiseworthy. In addition to the constant updates on social networks and the publication of its own magazine, the Galeria Koloru shares a lot of inspiration through their YouTube channel.

“I used to regret it when you are one again locked in a cell for 48 or 72 hours.”


Their latest audiovisual project comes in the form of a series: periodic interviews with train and metro writers, both Polish and international.
We attach the last of the three publications in addition to some quotes from the three interviews that have been conducted so far.

“I try not to cross the road signs, I think it’s bad luck.”


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