While having visited Barcelona recently, the writer Gueto has been shot for the “Top Choice” section. Of all the most international Brazilian writers, he may be the one who uses colors in a more psychedelic way. Therefore it was interesting to ask some questions about his choices of color spectrum.

What are your favorite colors?

Violets and turquoise, especially. They are colors that I like because they are always present, even in the details. And it’s cool to combine them with light colored lines.

“on the walls I take (…) 20, 50 or 60 cans and I combine them in the best possible way.”

It is said that in Brazil every writer has his color, is that true?

In the past it may be, but now not so much. I think that at the beginning it was due to the influence of Os Gemeos, who painted all yellow with red lines, just like Vitché used red. Then many others chose a color as their brand, such as Loucos, Falge, Ise, Finok, Coxas, among others.
I have my favorite colors but I paint with all the colors I find …
I have these as my favorite colors, but I think that painting with the same colors limits me a lot and I have no discipline for that. I also work painting and take advantage of a lot of paint left overs.

“I like turquoise because it reminds me of the color of the beach”

So when you choose the colors is almost freestyle?

Yes … for example, on the walls I take all the half empties of paint that I have, it can be 20, 50 or 60 cans and I combine them in the best possible way.  Always with some sense, I don’t do it randomly.

Do your favorite colors have any meaning?

The truth is that no, they are very powerful and very beautiful colors, I have always liked them.  Maybe I like turquoise because it reminds me of the color of the beach and I’ve always been a fan of good beaches. I also get the feeling of something cosmic when those colors are mixed, and that is another topic that I also like very much.

I see that it is something more personal than it seems …

Yes, but I’ve always tried to get people to recognize my graffiti solely because of the shape of the letters. This is a search in which I have been focused for more than a decade. There are graffiti artists that can be recognized by the combination of colors from the first glance. To me, for not having that discipline, what interests me is that people can see my signature only with the forms and style without the color serving as a clue.

Lost Dogz Gueto Autops Porto
“Lost Dogz” feat. Autops

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