The Nicolas-Xavier gallery has celebrated 30 years of graffiti in Montpellier together with 17 French and international artists and with the cooperation of Montana Shop Montpellier.

1989 was the year that the origin of graffiti was established in Montpellier. 30 years have passed since then, and to commemorate it, the Nicolas Xavier gallery launched an great event to the level of it: about twenty artists were invited to paint in the “Quai du Verdanson”, the Hall of Fame par excellence of the French city  .

The huge walls of the river, primed with blue paint for the occasion, received artists like Zest, Nubian or Reso, and a very special guest: the legendary Mode 2. “This is a very important movement. We live in a crucial era of art and, as I explain to my daughter, I believe that art is on the street, much more than in museums. Great artists have come here and it is full of works. Montpellier is an open-air museum, “says Olivier, who came from Angers with his daughter to attend the event.

“My goal was to say:” We are not just tags in the street, “explains festival organizer Nicolas-Xavier Callu.” There is talent, there is creativity, there is depth. There are artists. We learned everything from the street, but that does not mean  that there is no talent, quite the opposite! And nowadays, street art enjoys a position in the global contemporary art market …. This is far from insignificant. ”

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