The North American writer Mecro continues to produce pieces on freight trains. A perennial search that leads him to experiment with all kinds of effects on his letters.

We already made an “InstagramRecommendation” and he even starred in an interview for Tramontana magazine number 2.  But the days go by, and the relentless creative frequency of Mecro seems to have no pause.

Producing peculiar stylistic patterns that subject the letters to a certain typographic depth, should be a huge obstacle when it comes to finding originality in each new creation. Mecro more than compensates for this handicap by experimenting with different effects and textures: from chrome letters to ice letters, beveled, perforated metal, cheese and even submerged patterns. Different themes that appear on a large variety of different freight wagons. These two variables may be precisely the key to the tireless activity of this writer.

This selection of images updates us on the graffiti of Mecro are a great excuse to also announce his enigmatic exhibition “Full Tilt” at the WP Gallery in Philadelphia. Apparently Mecro’s creativity is so generous that it goes beyond the reach of the yards and train tracks.

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