Handstyle Fridays is a new series launched by TagsAndThrows that focuses exclusively on the style of letters that different writers apply in their throw-ups. In their third chapter they have sat down with the writer Kans from Madrid.

“I have always thought that graffiti is a way to communicate with other people. It doesn’t matter if they accept it or not.”

TagsAndThrows is a essential YouTube channel dedicated to street bombing. Its success is due to a video format that focuses on the statements of its protagonists and their street bombing in a simple and calm way. In this way they get the viewer to see the personality completely to the experience of joining and listen to the featured writer with an almost mystical calm.

The Handstyle Fridays series proposes a new approach with a more agile format, using much shorter videos completely focused on the style of the performer’s letters. This way, a empty paper and a marker is enough for the protagonist to show us the most aesthetic and gestural part of their style, accompanied by the most fundamental reflections on graffiti itself.

“I respect and appreciate all styles. I love to read what others have to say.”

Kans is a writer from Madrid who gives his throw-ups a variery of mutations, and here he appears in the third episode of the series telling us about his idea of ​​style and reversing his four letters in a thousand ways.


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