After his visit to Barcelona thanks to the event “Art Intermural” curated by Cuixart Foundation and his time at the Montana Shop Barcelona – Born, the graffiti pioneer Cornbread has participated in the program “La Resistencia” during his stay in Madrid.

After the stellar appearance of Okuda last February, the late night talkshow held by David Broncano has invited to his stage another artist linked to graffiti. Considered by many as the father of graffiti, Cornbread began to write his name on the walls of Philadelphia in the mid-60s. There are many legends that revolve around his figure, such as the one that explains the vandalism he performed on the airplane of the Jackson Five.

During the interview, accompanied by the casual and talkative atmosphere that characterizes “La Resistencia“, Cornbread explains funny anecdotes of both his private life and stories related to his love for writing his name. It could not have been made in any other way, so the Philly legend took his opportunity to leave his name on the set of the program by using MTN Water Based products that he brought with him for the occasion…

The contagious naturalness and simplicity of Corbread caused the host to open up in such a way that he has came to confess that he once participated in a train mission attempt, at the Alcalá de Henares station to be more exact. It is quite fun to see, little by little, that David Broncano has a certain link with the world of graffiti.

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