• Name: Planet Rick
  • Crew: Guns (Slovenia), CDM (Switzerland), DVR (Italy), UF (Hungary)
  • City-country: London, UK / Ljubljana, Slovenia
  • Active since: 2004
  • Favorite surface: Walls
  • Personal motivation: Every time I paint I want to bring something new to the table. I’d like to be recognised as a thinker rather than a craftsman. Skill goes a long way, but after some time, without content to back it up, it loses its appeal to me. It motivates me to paint with different people, not looking at stuff online, but really meet them, talk, see how they tick, paint a wall, blend styles… I challenge myself all the time, but sometimes a good collaboration pushes me even further. I always strive to develop further but am not afraid to take a step back to do two forward.

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