There is no better way to learn about an artist than to go through the different phases through which the artist and his or hers work go from idea to finish. That is why there are artists who are, if not impossible, difficult to imitate. It might not come to mind, but these two videos are a perfect way  for you to get up close and personal with the creations of PichiAvo in their first mural ever painted in Barcelona.

The videos are made by Marta Romero and correspond to the large mural that the duo made in Esplugues de Llobregat, and the piece was made for the student housing Livensa Living Barcelona. In the video, apart from the spectacular images, we get to listen to both the artists and the people who organized of the project, in this case Rebobinart and Temprano Capital Partners.

If you never heard of this project it might be because you missed our previous post on this topic, so now you can catch up, or refresh your memory.

If you live close to, or pass through Esplugues, we recommend you go to see the wall live, to soak up the allegorical images about the battle between Athena, the Greek goddess of knowledge and wisdom, and Poseidon. It is quite a sight to see the god of the sea reflected in 3 murals on the roof, seen from different angles, with the sea in the background.

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