• Name: I’m Vilx or Vilks.
  • Crew: I don’t have a crew since 2012. I have already to deal with myself and this is a lot of work.
  • City-country: I’m from the west of France, I have lived in canada for some years, and now I’m in Paris.
  • Active since: I started graffiti when I stopped school, so young, in the 1999.
  • Personal motivation-message: I ‘m not really interested by letters, I was, and I painted graffiti letters just for my name, personally drawing letters is like a job.
    My motivation is to tell a story, bring characters to life, and tell how hard is life for my characters. My favorite is Hobo guy’s, Old man, young an dirty kids leaving the citys. Now the perfect surface for me is freight train. The surface and ambiance are totally what i need. Calm, Texture, and perfect for tell storys.

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