It could be just another action video from the Vienna subway, but Togo Paints faithfully portrays the sensations and emotions of such an incident making it a lot more special. A brilliant work of great quality showing the nomadic graffiti of the writers Flues and Osco, specifically on two actions in the same system, but made separately from each other.

The city offered a unique blend of imperial traditions and stunning modern architecture. However, our visit involved only a train yard and a kebab shop. Good holidays with my friends Flues & Osco.” Take notice of the description of the video. Overwhelming sincerity in which more than one train writer will feel reflected. Indeed, painting in a foreign system is one of the most exciting sensations that a graffiti writer can feel, but it requires an investment of time that compromises the activities that a normal citizen expects to do during their vacations. Worthwhile? The aesthetically poetic perspective that Togo Paints gives us in this video tries to answer this question.

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