• Name: Conse (Consecuencia)
  • Crew: FDT – From Da Train Tracks / BITD – Back In The Days
  • City-country: Borne, Barcelona.
  • Active since: 2007
  • Personal motivation-message: Throughout these years, my motivation to paint has been changing … when I started I just wanted to give sole rein to my creative part in the street, paint in the highest place, paint where others did not arrive, return home with a photo and one more story to add in the album… I was always the youngest in the group, so I had to earn respect in one way or another … If it hadn’t been for graffiti, I don’t know at what point I would find myself…. I do not know if I had found a way to channel my desire to create better than this … Nowadays … it is something “uncontrollable” … I paint for nonconformity … I paint because I have not yet managed to like it … it is a constant search to interpret my reality, as a kind of graphic diary… Sometimes it is a mere exercise of narcissism, a struggle against myself to do better than last time, find a better composition, make a more interesting study of light, try to give something unique each time, paint a larger wall or leave part of me, my story, or how I feel on each wall … That’s why I’m still passionate about going out to paint.

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