• Name: Conan
  • Crew: I’m not in a crew anymore. I write a lot with CryOne, I’ve known him from back in the day in 1987.
  • City-country: Den Bosch, Holland
  • Active since: I started in 1983. In the northside of Den Bosch, I was 13 years old at the time. I first saw names up on the walls in Den Bosch in 1982, didn’t know what it was but I thought it was cool. That’s how I started putting my name up with a marker in my neighbourhood in the north of town. I didn’t know anything about graffiti, that wasn’t until 2 years later when I met Psycho in 1985 and we started painting together. We started a crew, DGA, Dutch Graffiti Artists. And then I really got into graffiti. We went to Amsterdam, where I saw real graffiti for the first time, I thought it was super fat! I saw the movie Beat Street, Break Dance, and Subway Art. In 1987 I met Bose & Disk, we formed a crew called HK, Hit Kids, that lasted till 1989 when these guys stopped writing. I carried on, graffiti and hip-hop got in my blood and I will never stop writing graffiti.
  • Favorite surface: walls
  • Personal motivation: Graffiti is a lifestyle, a passion for me.

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