• Name: WD (Wild Drawing)
  • Crew:
  • City-country: Born and raised in Bali Indonesia, based in Athens Greece.
  • Active since: 2000
  • Personal motivation-message: I started paint in the public space in 2000 and from that time I spend most of my time working in the streets, although I never stopped working in the studio.
    My EastWest sociocultural background is combined in a unique way that makes my style particularly recognisable. I always interacts with the spot where I’m working, by incorporating various elements of it into the work, so there is harmony between the mural and the spot where it was created. My work – mainly 3D anamorphic with optical illusions –  is influenced by Comics, Graphic Novels and Fantastic Art, while I mainly get inspired by social phenomena, lifestyle, art or nature. What I love about painting outdoor is the unique freedom of expression and the fact that Street Art is freely accessed by everyone without social, economic, cultural or other limitations. Moreover through my art I have the chance to speak about the big issue of re-appropriation of the Public Space. All this offsets the ephemeral nature of my art. After all, if I was interested in making artworks that stand the test of time I would do canvas paintings only.

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