This is the full process of a piece of Cekios on a beautiful Polish train through a version of ASMR.

Autonomous Sensory Meridian Response is a subjective euphoric experience characterized by a combination of positive feelings and a sensation of static tingling of the skin. In fact it fits in perfectly with the sensation we perceive when we see the making of a good piece on an attractive train model. That is why the title that Cekios has chosen for this video could not be more on point.

The Australian is at it again, and the whole process of the piece is interesting in itself. He already did it in “Raw footage” in his 17 minutes in a german train. Now he has had a little more time in order to capture a true Burner on a new model of  the Polish train… outstanding and beautiful. Again, its technical enough to be enjoyed as this kind of documentation of graffiti;  you don’t need music or effects, and therefore Cekios presents it to us in a raw type of format. The purpose of sharing this feeling of pleasure has a better effect with a style that mixes a balance between spontaneity and precision with really stimulating skills.

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