The Wynwood district in the middle of Art Basel, Miami, became the perfect setting to launch an artistic performance of aerosol recycling, curated by Natalia Sosa Molina from Argentina. 

Parallel to the annual art convention Miami Art Basel, one of the largest meetings of graffiti artists in the world takes place in the Wynwood district of the same city. It offers a significant influx of people whose goal is to decorate the walls, and this in proportion to the large amounts of materials used, which SprayPlanet USA is responsible for supplying thanks to its pop-up store. This high waste of paint in turn becomes a considerable amount of empty sprays, whose correct handling for subsequent recycling is also facilitated thanks to the temporary store of our brothers in Montana Colors USA.

In that sense, this year we wanted to go one step further with the aim of publishing the management of waste and its recycling. Natalia Sosa Molina has together with Defi Gagliardo and Paul Sende directed an artistic project that uses the remains of aerosols collected to create two very particular works of art: a vertical garden and a geodesic dome.

In both cases the aerosol cylinders came alive thanks to two new areas of use; as containers for a hydroponic plantation, and by creating a striking sculptural structure around which different workshops were taught.

These interventions, far from giving concrete use to empty spray cans, serve as a reflection that helps us reconsider the use of our waste in a creative way. In Tramontana number 4 you will find a complete report dedicated to this project, all reported through the visionary point of view of New Yorker Alan Ket.

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