A metallic tube that lengthens the reach of the spray paint. It’s called “Mr. Tall Man Aluminum Cap” and is manufactured by the FADEBOMB brand. Are we dealing with a truly revolutionary tool?

Images taken from Layup Shop and FADEBOMB Japan.

For sure you’ve seen a thousand and one videos of FADEBOMB products on Instagram. This Japanese brand specializes in all kinds of innovative tools that aim to add another twist to ordinary graffiti products. Markers of different ink densities, mechanisms that connect different nozzles to shoot several colors at once, or metallic and transparent eggshell stickers are some of the amazing and crazy things sold by these “geeks” (with all due respect). They are without a doubt, very surprising inventions in most cases because of how they work, but sometimes of questionable utility for the everyday writer.

Amongst all the paraphernalia they’ve released into the universe of connected nozzles, there is a tool that could have really practical uses when it comes to conventional graffiti. Its name is Mr. Tall Man Aluminum Cap and it extends the reach of the sprays.

Unlike the “needle” nozzles or the K-750, whose functions are based on increasing the range of the paint by prolonging its shot, Mr. Tall Man does the opposite: it is a metal tube that moves the spray nozzle itself away from the can. In order to exert the required pressure on the nozzle, the metal tube has two plastic arms at its base that you can press down on with the index and middle fingers simultaneously. How has something so simple not occurred to anyone yet?

Mr. Tall Man is available in two different sizes: 20 and 40 cm of metal tubing that increases the the size of your tage by each amount, or the height at which the tags are placed. However, these things have their advantages and disadvantages, like everything else in life.

Mr. Tall Man comes with standard NYC Fat Cap nozzles, but also allows you to attach it to all types of caps, making it as versatile as any spray can be. In addition, since it’s a simple tube, it’s easy to carry and hide inside the bag of cans. It’s also reusable and quite resistant.

However, due to the nature of its design, “Mr. Tall Man” doesn’t really allow you to control the pressure of the spray paint. What does this mean? Well, when you stop squeezing, the nozzle will continue releasing all the paint that is lodged inside the tube, creating a time lag between the instant you stop squeezing and the moment the paint stops. In the case of Mr. Tall Man 20 cm, this difference is a couple of seconds, but the 40 cm version can be up to 5 seconds. This makes it really difficult to do tags that aren’t made with a single stroke.

Our conclusion is that Mr. Tall Man could be very useful, for basically all those moments where carrying a ladder is a big issue, and as long as you aren’t too worried about the aesthetic outcome when it comes to doing tags.

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