• Name: Le Funky
  • Crew: DMC (Drunk Master Crew)
  • City-country: Évora / Portugal
  • Active since: I was painting drunk tags and very bad stuff around 2010/2011 and started more seriously around 2014 (I am 26 now)
  • Personal motivation-message: Spreading the Funk, Finding fresh graphics and being as silly as possible always.  Drink a lot (both beer and water), Don’t eat too many bugs, smell grass, fart loud, be friends with all generations, sniff some glue, call your parents, try to learn how to kickflip, watch a lot of cartoons, lick your elbow, study a lot of graff, hug your dog, writte your crew name in vomit, find your inner parrot, spank your dolphin, respect all styles and ALWAYS keep the funk alive <3

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