• Name: Jellyfish
  • Crew:
  • City-country: Brussels, Belgium
  • Active since: 1998
  • Personal motivation-message: When I started to paint, I was in a more figurative approach. I loved painting gigantic figures that filled the space as much as possible.
    Besides my activity as a painter, I’ve always worked as a print designer in the fashion industry. By dint of creating abstract patterns, they gradually crept into my other paintings . At first discreetly but then becoming the central subject.
    My desire to work around abstract shapes et repetitive patterns comes from the desire to go to the simplest, the most efficient way of creating an universal language.
    I take into consideration that to create a painting in an urban environement is all about giving one’s work directly to whoever wants to pay attention to it (local residents,…)
    I’m fortunate to live in a cosmopolitan, multicultural city. From that observation came the desire to insert patterns from different cultures, like Aztec tribal fabrics, African raffia, traditional Japanese print, or oriental carpet patterns… They were then stylized in their shapes and colours to create uniformity and subjectivity in the subject matter. The shapes are built by respecting and playing with the architecture of the walls.The compositions are articulated according to the surfaces

Artists that appears in some of the photos: François Tusseki, Ben Hendlisz, Eyes-B

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