Due to the fact that quarantine has been extended, and given that this is an international proposal, the deadline for participation in the “We Are All Homies” contest is extended to April 15.

As we explained at the time, the idea behind the “We Are All Homies” contest is based on offering something to keep people busy and in high spirits throughout the quarantine. In view of the evolution that this phenomenon is having worldwide, and given the international nature of the contest, we’ve decided to extend the participation period by two weeks so that people from countries that have entered into quarantine later can also participate.

Will this negatively affect your participation?

Not at all. Considering that two of the prizes, the jury prize and the random draw, are not subject to a time limit, the fact that the window has been extended shouldn’t affect the outcome of your submission. Also, remember that you can participate as many times as you want, so you have even more time to submit additional entries.

Regarding the prize decided by popular vote, those who submitted their sketches earlier will be more likely to accumulate votes compared to those who joined the initiative later, since they’ve had more time to promote their entries.

*Remember that the contest rules indicate that we reserve the right to extend it the duration of the competition. So let’s be sympathetic and supportive towards the rest of the participants whose quarantine is based on a different timeframe than your own.

Thank you very much and good luck to everyone!

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