This weekend, we published a video on the official Instagram of Montana Colors where Stain makes the most of the MTN 94 Graphic and Technical Markers in a spectacular sketch. Today we present to you the full video which also includes the reproduction of the illustration on a wall.

Stain is one of the most amazing writers in Barcelona. His work, in addition to adapting to all kinds of formats (legal and not-so-legal), is encompassed by a very personal style where wildstyle and simplicity combine with his special ability for creating surreal illustrations.

In his compositions we see a pattern of references dominated by aliens, full of textures that simulate fictitious microscopic organisms. Surprisingly, the visionary nature of his imagination seems to have foreshadowed the phenomenon of the COVID-19 virus. Without a doubt, this is one more reason to pay close attention to Stain’s brilliant work — presented to you today in audiovisual format, compiling the complete process of a true graffiti masterpiece.
And now we just have to wait to see when the aliens will arrive…maybe they’re closer than we think.

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