Some writers like Baske and Reso are turning to “cellograff” to be able to paint pieces despite confinement. This format is used by many graffiti writers and becomes an effective solution to comfort the irrepressible need to paint. We have asked the artists some questions about this method for getting along with some positive reflections on this whole situation.

 -Graffiti being an outdoor practice, for a graffiti writer it is particularly hard to have to stay inside. Has anything happened to you before that caused you not to be able to go out painting for a long period of time?
I think graffiti has nothing to do with being inside. Graffiti is made outside! Being confined forces me to remind myself of the fundamental basics of graffiti: drawing. It is not the first time that I have to stay at home without being able to paint graffiti, I had a “tennis elbow” a few years ago, and every time I pressed a bottle of spray paint I cried… it was very hard! So I prepared myself with some alternatives! After a few months I started to feel better and I started paint again! This kind of situation makes you think that all you have in life is graffiti.

Baske: Unfortunately, I’ve been through something similar before. I had some serious injuries that prevented me from painting for a long time. You could say this is similar; but at the same time it is completely different and incomparable.  Fortunately, in Germany we still do not have an absolute curfew. But there is a blocking of contact. Therefore, painting outside on a limited basis is still possible in my case.

-To stay creativity at home, writers resort to sketching. At what point did it occur to you to use cellograff?
 I paint on film out of necessity! It’s the only way I can use my garden to satisfy my addiction to graffiti and spray paint! For me the main thing is to paint, paint, paint, paint!

B: Since I learned to paint with spraycans all the other materials like pens, brushes, tablets and other things have not given me the same satisfaction.
A few years ago I got my hands on a plastic film used to pack pallets. Since I had it stored in my house, I decided to try it.
Right now I am using the film for another reason.  I want to do something for my friends in the world of graffiti. First, I focus on my Spanish friends. Since they have a much tougher curfew in my parents’ home country than we have in Germany. I decided to start painting their names. I neither can nor want to be Mother Teresa, but by using my way of expressing myself I want to make sure that they know that I think about them and that I want to participate in something with them. The list of friends is long and I chose the film as the background to do it.

“In theory, I don’t care about the surface as long as I can leave color on it.”


-What advantages and disadvantages does cellograff have compared to graffiti on the wall?
In theory, I don’t care about the surface as long as I can leave color on it. An advantage of the foil is that you can stretch it anywhere where there are two elements wrap it around. The great advantage for me is the factors of time and material. I have developed a technique where I use black foil to make pieces with little time and effort. The disadvantage compared to a wall is the movement of the sheet. If its windy you can forget about it. The details are also difficult to some degree.  Everything has its pros and cons. Another setback is undoubtedly the film itself from an ecological point of view. I calculate the amount of paint, the amount of water used to wash the paint roller, the number of spray cans I would use, and the amount of water I would use. Proper garbage handling is of course also very important.

 -Can you be as satisfied with a piece on cellograff as with a piece on a wall?
B: I usually find satisfaction in the painting process. It becomes more pleasant when the final result is good. But for me the most important thing is that I created something, be it a wall, film or other surfaces. I am happy when I find the time and the moment to produce something subtile with a spray can.

“We are all confined!
This allows us to step back from the trivialities of life and take care of our loved ones.”


-What reflections can be made from a human perspective from this forced confinement? Does it help to revalue our freedom of movement and human relationships?
Confinement is forced! It is forced because we are not able to be aware of the importance of staying home to protect others! We are all united for a single purpose! We are all confined!
This allows us to step back from the trivialities of life and take care of our loved ones. I can’t wait to stop this virus that is killing people and forcing our medical community to be on the front lines of this viral war!

B: I / we are in the middle of the process. The current circumstances and the things that until recently we take for granted are being redefined.  It is difficult for me to guess the socio-political level of all this. The following quote comes to mind: the human being is the only animal that stumbles twice on the same stone. The desire for love, peace and harmony is of course there. I hope that our values ​​of freedom after this matter evolves into a framework strengthened with tolerance, charity and solidarity. 
Time will tell.

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