• Name: Giacomo Bufarini also known as Run
  • Crew: Not Normal Brigate (NNB)
  • City-country: Originally from Ancona, Italy; living and working in London since 2007
  • Active since: 2000
  • Personal motivation-message: I need to do it, I wanna do it, I must do it, I love doing it and I can’t not doing it!
    I’m meditating, I’m knowing myself I see the world through it.
    It’s my starting point, is my nailed obsession is the way I pretend to be something else, I am real! I am myself, I feel myself, I can’t be anything else but that, doing that, messing with that, fucking up with that, I can’t resist. I do it for me, I do it for you, I am happily doing it for everyone to enjoy. I wanna get paid, I don’t do it for free! But give me something that has costed you the face of coming and talk to me …doesn’t really matter until I can do it till I live.
    I know I will be a painter until I live.

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