Cekios continues to show us the complete processes of some of his pieces, and this time he does it from his own point of view on a freight train.

As we have seen previously, the Berlin-based Australian writer Cekios does not stop posting videos to his YouTube account under the same idea: documenting his pieces without cutting it or with any music. Avoiding video editing is the best way to make the viewer focus on the creation of the piece from start to finish throughout the entire process. An idea that not only serves to share the reality of the action in the most reliable way possible, but this type of material also gives us the opportunity to enjoy the act of painting through a more Zen type of state.
After various hardcore actions on trains and subways, including the Berlin subway wholecar made in 18 minutes, Cekios has chosen to share a piece on a freight train in his audiovisual repertoire. This is a great way to expand the range of intervened surfaces while using the MAXIMO chrome for the action. Pay special attention during the final part of the video that includes a time-lapse of the entire piece.

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