Last Friday the winners of the “We Are All Homies” sketch contest were announced, and here are the official results. 

As the rules where explained earlier, there have been three prizes awarded among the participants: the jury award, the peoples choice award and a randomly drawn prize.
The three judges who were in charge of choosing the winners was Ces, Musa and Japon, and they have made a selection among the different applicants. The production of the Colombian writer @virus_____1 was the only sketch which coincided in the list made by two of the judges and, therefore, named winner.

By coincidence the peoples choice award was also a work from the same geographical area, specifically @ospen_ink, whose sketch gained the most votes.

Finally, the randomly drawn award chosen by a automatic system came to fall into the hands of @karreracho.

We give a specially big hug to all the heartbroken contestants who became disappointed for not having been chosen and instead left negative comments. Maybe someday we will manage to make graffiti less childish.

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