On march 4th the Wallspot platform released an initiative related to the International Women’s Day with the artist Emily Eldridge and her vision of the female figure as the protagonist to the occasion.

In these uncertain times, in which it seems that steps are being taken backwards in important matters of a social nature, the work that entities like Wallspot are carrying out has to be appreciated. Specifically, we are talking about one of its facets, WallClaim, an art program in which artists who are part of the platform are invited to paint murals that are in tune with some of the International Days established by the UN.

The first of these interventions occurred on March 4 for the International Women’s Day. Emily Eldridge, member of the artistic platform, was chosen to paint the external wall of  La Farinera del Clot Cultural Center.

Eldridge is an American artist who lives and works between Barcelona and Berlin. Her body of works focuses on the female figure, which materializes not only in urban art but also in illustration, installations and graphic design.

In perfect symbiosis with the mural the artist, and curator of the platform and the project, Carla Gimeno Jaria held a talk on the subject women and urban art where she informed about the reality of female presence in the art-world.

For 2020, in addition to the first edition of Wall Claim on International Women’s Day, there will be two other editions that we will report from.

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