After more than three decades of painting graffiti Shark continues to produce panels with the ease of a teenager. And yes, his wholecars are real.  Estasky testifies on the subject through a video in which he accompanies the legendary writer from Dortmund on a rainy night.

When we see Shark’s instagram, it gives us the feeling that his graffiti productions is more typical of a twentysomething than a middle-aged man. This individual is a perfect example of the timeless commitment to which many graffiti writers are devoted. Along with Chintz, Shark is one of the graffiti pioneers in Germany, and by extension, even across the continent. It is admirable to see how one of the first European writers continues to actively paint in such a surprising efficient and prolific way.
This is exactly why we chose to dedicate a space to him in our “Three Aces” section. Shark has handed us current pieces, instead of resorting to old stories. It is evident that the thirst of this panel eating shark remains intact despite the passing of the years.

“It took all together 1,5 hours, and its a pretty big car with almost 4 m high and 22 m long.”

To prove these facts war reporter Estasky has accompanied him during the making of one of his last wholecars. The MTN MADMAXXX facilitate Shark’s work, allowing the entire surface of the wagon to be covered in a short time and with great effectiveness, despite the rain, which is the worst weather condition for painting trains.

“The best aspect is the time in which Madmaxx makes it possible to cover a big surface and to reach higher parts without using a ladder. But also the good covering is important, because if it wouldn’t cover as good as it does, the saved time would get lost at the end.”

This document becomes an ode to the commitment to graffiti on trains, personal improvement, and how the will to creative can continue to open its way despite the obstacles of life. Obstacles that can be as basic and random as the weather, or as inevitably as the passing of time.

“To be honest I was surprised too. Worked really well and opens up new opportunities.”

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