The newest extension of Montana Colors’ most emblematic range has arrived.

It feels like we’ve entered a new decade in which Hardcore is the main protagonist. Following the launch that paid tribute to the classic design are some interesting and long-awaited news: the expansion of the color chart.


In order to arrange the color chart in the most logical way possible, we’ve added 37 new hues to the existing 112. For these new tones, some emblematic Hardcore names have been recovered, which were eliminated in previous updates, such as Rust Red, Himalayan Blue or Mint Green.


Life isn’t always about having more, and there are also colors that we have to get rid of to ensure that we’re able to maintain our system of arranging our colors by groups of 7 hues. The following colors were the chosen ones: Tenere Sand, Purple, Buddha Red, Giant Yellow, Kenya Orange, Miami Pink, Cyan — let’s give them a standing ovation.


Of course, all the Hardcore colors will have the Smiley logo on the packaging, indicating that the formula includes all of the technical improvements to the Hardcore formula that we’ve developed over the years.

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