Pictures by Clara Antón.

Hen tries out the new range of Hardcore colors that we launched last week, and he does it with his characteristic attitude, both in style and personality…100% Hardcore.

Did you think we were going expand the Hardcore range without making a video about it? Not a chance.
For the first time in the history of MTN Hardcore, we wanted to give a nod to the style of punk baptized with the same name. Who better to participate in this play on words and concepts than Hen? The charismatic writer from Barcelona’s outskirts has been a torchbearer of Hardcore culture for many years, in addition to being one of the main representatives of a strictly classic type of wildstyle on the Catalan coast.

And if you want to talk about hardcore punk, you inevitably have to make reference to its pioneers — Bad Brains. To formalize this duality, Hen of the Black Magic crew invoked the legendary hymn “We got that PMA” to give title to his brilliant wall, where the latest colors of the Hardcore range offer new combinations and contrasts in a creatively conservative style.

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