• Name: Fokus
  • Crew: Letterheads (LH)
  • City-country: Fürth/Nürnberg – Germany
  • Active since: I started painting in 1995. Unfortunately from 2005 to 2015 I had a long break. For almost 10 years i didn’t paint a wall. I regret that. But since 2015 i have a lot of joy and energy and I paint a lot.
  • Favorite surface: smooth surfaces and walls in abandoned places (unfortunately we almost have none of these in our area)
  • Personal motivation: Graffiti keeps my head busy every day. I love letters! I sketch a lot because I can try out many new forms, connections and combinations of letters. I think as a result my style develops and improves further. For me, my letters must always have swing and have to harmonize with each other. It is my goal to achieve, this every time. I can’t paint a style twice on the wall. My Satisfaction with my last piece doesn’t last long. This is one of the reasons and my motivation to go out and paint a better piece than the last time.A big ‘Thank you’ to my good friend Kid Crow who encouraged me to continue painting in 2015. Shouts to my homeboys Cane & Venom with whom i have painted a lot the last years. Greetings also to all others who support me and like my work. Thank you!

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