• Name: Malakkai
  • Crew: OGT- MM
  • City-country: Almeria, Spain, but actually living in Denmark
  • Active since: I’ve been always drawing, but first contact with a spraycan was in 1999
  • Personal motivation-message: The wall always gives more conversation than a paper, and it activates you much more, having to move to the spot, carry the materials, play with that hole that catches right in the eye of the character you are painting … it is a game which is always attractive and from which you always learn some new detail, whatever the mural. Painting is also a reflection of who you are at that particular moment, I consider it important to tell or tell you something and create a connection, even if momentary, with the viewer, through a constantly evolving visual language that draws on many references. Anyway, and above all, without a doubt the most important motivation is the incredible people you meet along the way, simply priceless, that’s why I think I have more murals with friends than alone …

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