Cekios returns from quarantine with an amazing piece on the Berlin subway in which the light and blur effects give a truly striking result.

It seems that Cekios has been respecting the quarantine… but luckily he has returned with another of his characteristic real time videos of his pieces in the subway. You may already have seen the piece in question since we published it on our Instagram; but now you have the opportunity to see how it has been done in its entire process. A real treat when it comes to pieces of this type. And the production, which experiments with the letters in a opposite direction, like in the case of the “i”, is taken to the extreme through his improvisation. This gives so much personality to his style, playing with skillful effects of blurs and contrasting lights.

As usual, the MTN Water Based plays a decisive role in carrying out this action. The result is a brilliant looking composition that uses contrasts with blacks and dark tones and gives the letters an aesthetic reminiscent of a fireplace or volcanic lava. If we just become a bit transcendental, we can even see the piece as a metaphor for the “fire” that the Berlin subway is witnessing, a fire which Cekios is particularly part of spreading.

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