• Name: Basik
  • Crew:
  • City-country: Rimini, Italy
  • Active since: I began to paint in 1991 as a graffiti writer, slowly shifting my focus on figurative painting and muralism during mid 2000’s
  • Motivation to paint-message: I think that, beside the fact that I do paint for a living now, the motivation behind it has always been more or less the same over the years, since my activity as a writer to nowadays. It’s the same urge to pick up any pen, marker, spraycan or medium and start to do something and communicate throughout the outcome, whether it’s a tag or a five-story mural.  My work focuses on the symbology behind hands gestures and a personal take on classic themes from renaissance and baroque art, using several layers of interpretation to talk about perceptions, interactions, and relations between art and the artist and/or the viewer, the short lifespan of urban art and its correlation to the importance of social media as well as many more new and deeper aspects arising as my work evolves in time.

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