Pictures by Clara Antón

Introducing a new nozzle that will make an important sector of the global graffiti scene very happy — the Pocket Fat Cap. It is a cap that shoots paint in the same pattern as the Pocket (for outlines with a slightly fuzzy edge, but easy to use and effective) but thicker and longer scope.

As you know, the Pocket Cap creates a type of line that imitates old car paint sprays: little definition but long range. However, the sophisticated pressure of today’s aerosol cans means that the projection of paint produced by the Pocket Cap doesn’t have the same result as that of those archaic high pressure paint sprays.

Fine tuning this outcome is the Pocket Fat Cap‘s mission. This nozzle perfectly reproduces the “oldschool” effect of primitive spray paint, giving a retro look to graffiti pieces, as well as energy and freshness to throw-ups. Plus, the power of its paint flow really streamlines the letter tracing process.

Barcelona’s Foner GFM APG executes a style that’s perfectly suited to this aesthetic. So through his hand we can see just how this nozzle works. As we mentioned above, the Pocket Fat is a cap whose characteristics are perfect for use in throw-ups, so one piece isn’t enough to show Pocket Fat Cap’s full potential…

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