Montana Colors Hungary and Bazis Store, our sales point in the city of Budapest, presents the third chapter of the “Take It Easy” video series.

After two action packed episodes of Hungarian trains, the third episode of “Take It Easy” is now here. This video series sponsored by Montana Colors Hungary and Bazis Store collects the crew OHS’s actions on trains.
In this episode the crew comes out of their comfort zone and has compiled all the recordings obtained during the years 2019 and 2020 on their different trips to cities in Western Europe. The result is a stream of pieces on mostly Belgian, Italian, German and Austrian trains, with some random subway actions. What would be todays version of the classic “InterRail” type of trip from back in the day. A highlight is, apart from the styles of the writers characteristic of where they are from, the pleasant selection of music and the predilection of the OHS’s to always choose the oldest trains in the hangar.

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