• Name: Wyte
  • Crew: Bros Crew (Beirut) – 3DB (Australia)
  • City-country: Beirut/ Lebanon
  • Active since: 2009
  • Personal motivation-message: As Tupac said: One thing we all adore, something worth dying for, nothing but pain, stuck in this game, searching for fortune and fame… I guess this is the first urge behind a man/kid grabbing a spray can and marking a public city wall. Other personal reasons can vary from a socio-political event to childhood memories and dreams, it could also be a controversial character inspired by the media influence on mass habits (Fatman for example)
    Message: Daily life holds too much inspiration for each of us. Our contexts shape us, media manipulates our perception of life and reality, and we are here daily challenging these stimulations, trying to throw ideas to the public from a different point of view, showing a different side of what they think is safe and real, creating a visual game of thought and culture exchange. Perhaps it means something to them, perhaps not, we are re-engineering the public space leaving our human marks at certain places for a certain period of time…

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