Until the 28th of August the Montana Gallery Barcelona hosts a exhibition called “El Álbum” by the singular artist Imon Boy.

If you pass by number 6 Calle Comerç in Barcelona, ​​you will most likely receive a visual slap in the face. This is a exhibition at the Montana Gallery Barcelona entitled “The Album”, by Imon Boy, and he was not satisfied enough with just hanging his productions;  he has also filled the entire walls of the exhibition space with his name in pieces made with paint and roller.

Why? Very simple: the themes of his drawings and paintings speak about graffiti with an emotional sincerity that perfectly matches his style. His way of drawing has a simplicity that, without becoming naive, keeps being endearing. Despite telling stories about graffiti, his pieces do not stagnate in a specific format or content: from moments bringing us up close to the intimacy of writers and expressions of surreal graffiti that can only exist in their imaginations, and humorous interactions with law enforcement officers. All this can be seen on canvas or paper, on metro maps or in comics.

An interesting show which brings us into a world split between humor and sincerity, the most intimate side of graffiti, including both its reality and its fantasy.

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