Pictures by Bego Solís
Video by Alfonso Riera

Among all the content that the fourth installment of Tramontana brought us, was the report “Madrid Dystopia” curated by Antonio García Mora. Placed in the most decadent and hidden environments on the outskirts of Madrid, we are shown the work of three Madrid writers whose profiles are marked by illegality. With Ruka, Kans and Toes, the mission is to search for the beauty found through the most unconventional graffiti against the most neglected backdrops of the city.

“The meaning of graffiti, for me, has to do with empowerment, ego, overcoming obstacles, destruction of the system, the streets, the city.”

The entire report, which you can find in issue number 4 of Tramontana, is accompanied by this video, rounding off the content as if it were an independent project.

“(…) traditionally beauty disgusts me to tell you the truth. For me beauty has a lot to do with ugliness, or with what people classify as ugly.”

“Every day I find a new source of inspiration, but they are almost always women.”

“For me, abandoned places possess a mystery, present in all cities, and contain great things to discover.”

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