A special supplement for the summer edition of TRAMONTANA focused on the documentation of an artistic residency project, curated by Urvanity and B-Murals at the Nau Bostik space in Barcelona, adopting the adidas campaign slogan: Change is a Team Sport.

Throughout the 40 pages of this A5 special edition (14.8 x 21cm), we reveal the experiences of the artists Nicolás Romero EVEROctavi SerraMur0ne and Marina Capdevila whilst the project was taking form, as well as words with different groups around the Nau Bostik in the Sagrera neighbourhood, which resulted in three lines of work:

  • An exhibition of pieces within of the exhibition space of the B-Murals art center
  • A mural intervention at the Nau Bostik.
  • A poster representing teamwork, the key concept of the #changeisateamsport campaign

An exquisite appetiser that you can enjoy for free while you wait for the next edition of Tramontana!

Concept, design and edition: Tramontana Magazine by Montana Colors.
Photography: Studio Bruma.
Publication sponsored by adidas.

Don’t forget that issue number 4 of Tramontana is out! Ask for it at your local Montana Colors supplier and enjoy a deep read this summer!

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