Pictures by Bego Solís
Video by Alfonso Riera

Last week we brought you Ruka and today it’s TOES’ turn. Madrid Dystopia, the report curated by Antonio Garcia Mora and presented to you here as a series, takes us alongside this Madrid writer as he shares some of his deepest reflections with us.  Remember that you can read the entire report in the 4th issue of Tramontana magazine.  Get it for free at your neighborhood MTN store.

“graffiti is actually subject to a lot of rules, but it also allows me to create new rules from the fundamentals”

“the term decay suggests beauty.”

“I’ve been trying to avoid being inspired by graffiti for a long time.”

“Abandoned spots and forgotten places (…) represent the failure of something in the system, as if something hasn’t worked and the fact of being there makes me feel more distant from the system and from society”

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