Another episode of the adventures of Rocki and Biz has come to bless us, and this time we get two in one: “The Monster Ant” and “The Erasmus Student”

In the first piece the protagonist is a giant ant, and its size is the result of exposure to a high amount of radiation that it receives in the cave it inhabits.

The idea behind the wall is based on American comics from the 70s and 80s, and links with the fear of genetic deformations and malformations derived from possible nuclear attacks.
This comic style connects with traditional graffiti because  the character’s outline is lined In the same way, and this makes the mural stick together and lets the elements act together. Also, you can read between the lines and see the admiration that this duo have for the early New York writers that painted back in the day influenced by hip hop culture.

In the second piece,  which had no title at first, they once again went for the type of functional minimalism that suits them so well. In this case the character of Biz is very similar to the typical image that we have of foreign students living in Barcelona. The background color used is “Erasmus Green”, and this led to the title “The Erasmus Student” and fits to the context like a glove.

These walls are undoubtedly a way to beat the heat.

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