The third writer who stars in the “Madrid Distopia” report, curated by Antonio García Mora for the 4th edition of Tramontana, is Kans. Although his territory covers public spaces and busy streets, Kans offers his perspective on abandoned places and what they symbolize for him. With this we complete the circle of this article, one that takes on an additional multimedia dimension thanks to its audiovisual format.

“The important thing is that graffiti doesn’t make us adhere to a specific message, we can express ourselves with shapes, colours, with straight letters or bubble fonts.”

“I especially like painting in the street, that kind of pure, fast, simple graffiti like throw-ups where colour, line and letter style prevail, where graffiti has to say more with less.”

“In those types of sites you might also come across people of all kinds: people who are looking for scrap, you could even find an army of paintball paramilitaries playing guerrillas there, or even drug dealers that make you leave to not bother them.”

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