Take advantage of the present, carpe diem, don’t leave for tomorrow what can be done today…there are many idioms and historical quotes that refer to living in the now, and based on the sheer volume and quality of Cekios’ pieces on the Berlin subway, it seems he lives in the spirit of those phrases.

We’ve already told you about him on numerous occasions, an Australian writer who, after having overcome a life or death situation, radically changed his life  and moved to Europe. He has been in Berlin for a little over two years now, and Cekios has gone on to become a valuable piece in understanding the German city’s metro scene.

Berlin, a city historically dominated by local writers, has undergone a change in key players in recent years, writers from outside its borders who have carved out their own place on the German capital’s podium — as is the case of the writer we’re showcasing in this post, or Jeico, who you can read more about on our blog.

And the thing is that the Berlin scene is currently in a golden age, where the pieces last in circulation like never before.
So, for all these reasons and because the global coronavirus pandemic hasn’t been able to slow him down, we offer you some exclusive material from this writer, a sample of his healthy style.


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