• Name: René Brink
  • Crew: N/A
  • City-country: Australian based in Paris, France
  • Active since: 2014
  • Personal motivation-message: Creating characters and stories through illustrations has always come as a second nature to me ever since I was able to hold a pencil. Growing up on a small farm in the countryside of Australia with a community of less than 300 people and hours away from a big city, imagination allowed me to explore beyond what can sometimes be a very isolated experience, though this gave me a deep rooted respect for nature and the outdoors which I try to carry that message into many of my artworks. It wasn’t till I moved to the city that I was immersed into street culture of graff and street art. I instantly fell in love and this became an obsession to work towards.
    I try not to limit myself to one particular style so you might notice that my works can vary from heavily character and cartoonish based through to realism in order to keep pushing myself to get better.

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