Swet71 , also has three favorite pieces and as he is so prolific he has made the selection among what he has painted this year.  Just like with all the Three Aces sections, he explains to us what made him decide on these three specific ones.

  • During the year 2020 most of us have been on lockdown so i decided to build a wall in my garden. This is just a random piece out of the 100-200 pieces i have done on the wall so far.
    I had a big pile of undone sketches when I build the wall and I just picked them random and did them. The funny ones, the good ones, the ugly ones, the stupid ones and so on… just to practice and learn more about my letters and have fun with the piece while painting.
    My pieces has to have that energy of a funky beat you just wanna dance and move your ass to.

  • My close friend and partner CMP ONE turned 50 this year and I was super happy and proud when he asked me to do this painting with him for his birthday party. We cleared out a part of our studio and painted a handball court sized square on the wall.. we work so close and paint so much together so we kind of work in the same way and know how each other works. We both like and fell in love with the 70s early graffiti and the look of the trains and cityscapes back then.

  • The special thing about this “not so very special panel” is that I painted it next to my son. He is 14 years old and it was his first panel. We tried to paint it the evening before but we had to leave the place for safety reasons. We went back the next morning and everything was chill so we did it. I was checking and having my eye on him all the time and still letting him take care of his own painting. A million  thoughts were running through my mind in the short time we painted… Am i a good or a bad father? Will he also get addicted? Wish I could be there when he’s back in school telling everybody what he did.
    And so on… it felt so right but I’m sure if you ask any mom or grown up they would say it’s a reckless thing to do. We finished and found a good place for breakfast and I’m sure we had the biggest smiles in that place.


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