Itsaliving inaugurates the exhibition of his latest project in Durango, Mexico, inspired by the global pandemic.

3 months is what it took for Itsaliving to create the 12 murals presented in the “Nothing Lasts Forever” exhibition. Each of the circular pieces encompass the elements that capture the North American artist’s recognizable aesthetic: color gradients that range from pastels to warm tones, paint drips, and of course, calligraphy.
Messages and colors seek to bring positive impact, contemplating the temporality of all that is negative and inviting us to focus on the good that’s to come.

“Un proyecto mural en galería nacido de la necesidad de comunicar emociones a través de la tipografía y el espacio.”

Remarkably, in Itsaliving’s particular case, the tools he uses play a crucial role in creating the various resulting styles: the dynamic matte color gradients are possible thanks to MTN 94 paint, while the dirty drip effects and his sketches are created using KRINK technology.

Despite the pandemic, the exhibition opened its doors to the local community, taking the appropriate safety considerations. To allow for ample distance, visitors came in groups of 5 for 5-minute visits, allowing them to interact with the space. The images we’ve included will give you an idea of this resounding project.


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