Pictures by Germán Rigol.

The Montana Gallery Barcelona opens the exhibition “Hypnose” — without a vernissage — presenting the painted works of the French artists Arkane and Primal. The exhibition will remain open to the public until October 20.

Different technique but matching format. These two premises are what unify the work of the artists Arkane and Primal, currently on exhibition at the Montana Gallery Barcelona. Two styles, despite being completely different, combine perfectly in the same exhibition space. This is due to both the audacious use of color and by the naturalism that each one of them, differences aside, employs based on their own personality and content.

In Arkane’s case we find expressive realism, offering a more traditional result that is reinforced by the use of oil paints. Thanks to his exceptional technique with this medium, his work demonstrates an impressive and original way of treating light, which is especially striking in the medium format of his canvases. On the other hand, Primal presents a series of acrylic paintings with content that is more dreamlike and features characters whose aesthetic is closer to what we find in comics and illustration. These pieces are complemented by a series of smaller format pencil drawings by both artists that are reminiscent of sketches, suggesting a cozy sense of sincerity and intimacy.

As a result of the new precautions due to the pandemic, there was no inauguration scheduled for “Hypnose,” thus avoiding a massive influx of attendees that would jeopardize the social distancing norms. Despite this, some curious people approached the Montana Gallery Barcelona for the space’s first ever opening under the premises of this new reality.

Don’t miss out on the opportunity to visit this exhibition and browse the catalog. In it you will find some works that are not hanging on the wall, in a more affordable format for even the most humble pockets.

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