The Czech writer Elnino paints on both sides of a Prague special train that will travel across the country.

Active since 1994 (coincidentally, the year Montana Colors was founded), Elnino is a writer from the Czech capital who employs a geometric and avant-garde style in an original and powerful way. In his latest pieces we can see how, through the use of contrasting colors, he adds volume to  his pieces. A technique that he also makes us of in this remarkable project.

He has decorated the two faces of a special train that runs across the country for specific events. This curious single-wagon convoy has become a real work of art thanks to Elnino’s hand, covering the damage to the bodywork caused by the wear and tear of time.

“In the hot days of summer, this passenger train was parked in Prague while it got its new, fresh makeover, and is now roving across the country as part of special events, all thanks to El Nino and his brother Noee.

This double end-to-end was supported by both the Brno Pantograff art store and the friendly Graffneck shop in Prague, and painted with Hardcore cans from Montana colors.

Watch the video and enjoy the shots from the  painting process as well as the final panels.”

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