The graffiti artist TNT inaugurated his YouTube channel in August with a video about an interesting intervention in El Salvador.

Hailing from El Salvador, TNT is a graduate of Fine Arts, who in turn acts as the Montana Colors distributor in the Central American country. That’s why the Kapone shop stars in the video that launches his YouTube channel: Cans.

With a depiction inspired by the orient, TNT embodies Shava-Khan, an imaginary samurai master who conquers villages with his spray-painting techniques. The brilliant representation, which shows off TNT’s realistic style, is intended to suggest that the human soul lives within the spray can and serves as a creative tool. Since the wall was painted as the pandemic was spreading, the Salvadoran artist accompanied the video with a statement about it:

The pandemic took away part of our plans, we are in the most critical situation since it began, but the streets belong to those who pass through them and graffiti is for those who pass by.  Our inner selves must be represented with joy and of purposeful efforts that will lead us to emerge from this situation.

The video serves to immortalize the process of painting this wall and leaves us wanting more content of this kind on his channel. When will the next one be?

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